Monday, February 11, 2013

Waffle House to be placed near the mobile home park
I have been working on this structure for about a month and its still not done. Its done for now, though, until some detail parts arrive. Have to get busy on other parts of the layout.

I really like this factory. Its large and has room for two boxcars for loading and unloading. Someday I'll get the electronic sign for Maxwell House.

Norm's Furniture to the right and Gateway Trucking to the left. And a lot of trackwork here, most of which was handlaid. All track is Code 83 and with the exception of the turnouts was 99% handlaid.

I really like the look of this structure. The overhead bridge in the upper left part of the picture is the conveyer that carries the grain from the building in the front over to the brewery to be used to make the beer. It also creates a gate of sorts when the train enters this area of the layout.

Got this idea from Lance Mindheim. I use a couple of small finish nails with their heads painted red to simulate fusees when the train is crossing this grade crossing. In operations, the train has to stop prior to the crossing so the "conductor" can get off the train, walk to the crossing and throw down his fusees. Then the train can safely cross. Adds a nice level of realism.

This is a short video tour around the Dames Point RR.

There is a 3 foot long "cassette" that is added onto the track in the middle of the picture with the rail joiners on it. It extends into the aisle so it has to be added using a C clamp and alligator clips attached to feeders under the layout. Removed when its not needed.

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