Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In an effort to make the room a bit easier to get around I decided this past weekend to remove the Imeson Park peninsula that sticks out into the middle of the room and move it along the wall, replacing a generic section of the railroad. Imeson Park still has run through capability so I can still keep trains running in a loop if I want.

Got the peninsula disconnected. Then it was time to remove the generic section against the wall.

This also meant removing the bridge that spans the doorway connecting the two ends. It will have to be reconfigured because the new section is almost a foot longer than the old section and the through track is in the middle and not at the back.

While I had the Imeson Park section out it was a good time to install more feeders since I did have some dead spots. Everything will be connected to the bus wires with suitcase connectors and then I'll be ready to re-install the section and connect the track.

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