Monday, August 26, 2013

No more yard

I have never been a fan of yard tracks, especially on small layouts like mine. Large ones that have a lot of train movements, sure. But on a small switching layout like mine, the yard takes up valuable real estate that could be used for something better. Like more industry! So Sunday the four track yard was removed and in its place will go some additional industry tracks. I think without a lot of switching puzzle track I can get three new industries in a space thats 18" wide by 6' long.

I have started laying out the basic track plan and think I have something that will work. A very large industry along the wall to the left with 3 car spots. Then at the other end I believe will be a feed mill or feed store and then next to it some sort of freight house. Also have to think about an interchange track, since my cars will have to come from somewhere and go to somewhere. There is a shelf right about this spot that I can place cars when not in use so more than likely an interchange track will be located right here somewhere.

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