Thursday, September 19, 2013

The making of Emmaville

Had an area at the back of my workbench that was basically just a 4 track stub yard. I hate using up valuable real estate for a yard when I don't need it. So out came the yard and in went Emmaville.

I have always wanted an area where the tracks are right down the middle of the street and thats what I designed this area to be. There is just enough room on either side of the track for vehicles. Of course the rule is no more than 10mph for the train.

At each end of Emmaville are two long sidings. One has already been filled with an existing structure that I had. Its a placeholder for now until I can building something better. But the other end was a blank. Saw a structure in a model railroading magazine that fit the bill perfectly. A freight station, from the 60's that would like right at home in Emmaville.

Emmaville needs a bit more dressing up. More vehicles. Some signs. Maybe a few more people. The nice thing about it is its so close that I can just keep detailing it as much as I want. Theres no end.

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  1. I'm curious as to how you laid the track in the street. Did you use standard track & ties or something like PC board ties to get a lower profile? Or was it hand-laid on the base? How did you build up the street relative to the buildings and sidewalk?

    How does the street track relate to the mainline i.e. at the same level or lower?